At the Mosesian Center for the Arts, we know that the arts intersect with and have an impact on so many other facets of our communities and our lives: arts and health, arts and education, arts and social justice, arts and economic development, arts and the environment, and so much more.

On this site and MCA social media, we’ll explore one of these topics each month for the next few months. Watch for profiles of people and organizations; resources and information; discussions with experts and commentators; and how the arts impact communities globally, nationally, and locally.

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Recent Facts and Features

Art in Nature: Armenia Tree Project

Art intersects with the environment in many ways. Art can draw attention to environmental causes, as it does with social justice causes. Art installations can become part of an environment or affect an environment. Some environmental artists work with natural materials or objects in the environment. And some artists’ work directly preserves the environment. YouContinue reading “Art in Nature: Armenia Tree Project”

Arts and the Environment

Name a local artist whose work is on the cutting edge of environmentalism and social change. Do you have one? You might. How about one from over 150 years ago? You might think that using art to affect social change—especially when it comes to the environment and sustainability—is new. The truth is that nature andContinue reading “Arts and the Environment”

Resources for Healing

In our past month focusing on Arts and Health, and especially in our conversation with Dr. Vivien Marcow Speiser and Dr. Phillip Speiser, several resources came up in research and conversation. For more information on this important topic, visit the links below. American Art Therapy Associationhttps://arttherapy.org American Dance Therapy Associationhttps://www.adta.org American Music Therapy Association, DefinitionContinue reading “Resources for Healing”

Musician, Heal Thyself

An old proverb suggests that physicians should take time to heal themselves before attending to patients. When it comes to the therapeutic benefits of the arts, many doctors and other medical professionals are following this advice too. At Harvard Medical School, the Arts and Humanities Initiative attracts participants from nearly every hospital affiliate, every medicalContinue reading “Musician, Heal Thyself”