At the Mosesian Center for the Arts, we know that the arts intersect with and have an impact on so many other facets of our communities and our lives: arts and health, arts and education, arts and social justice, arts and economic development, arts and the environment, and so much more.

On this site and MCA social media, we’ll explore one of these topics each month for the next few months. Watch for profiles of people and organizations; resources and information; discussions with experts and commentators; and how the arts impact communities globally, nationally, and locally.

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Recent Facts and Features

The Art of Healing

In January and February, we observed how the arts can impact economies and advance social justice. This month, we look at how the arts can impact each of us on a more personal level—in our own health and well-being. The intersection of arts and health includes a wide range of practices—mental health counseling, physical therapy,Continue reading “The Art of Healing”

Arts and Pride

Continuing to highlight organizations that use the arts to advance social justice, we feature a program that showcases LGBTQ+ artists and authors. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Boston Pride, the nonprofit organization that produces the annual parade, festival, and other events to celebrate Greater Boston’s LGBTQ+ community. Boston Pride’s mission is to “produceContinue reading “Arts and Pride”

Prison Arts Outreach

Continuing to highlight organizations that use the arts to advance social justice, we now feature a program at Boston College that serves incarcerated women. At Boston College, the Prison Arts Outreach program has joined arts and social justice since 2008. Associate Professor Crystal Tiala, a scenic designer in the Theater Department, created the program andContinue reading “Prison Arts Outreach”