Arts and Pride

Continuing to highlight organizations that use the arts to advance social justice, we feature a program that showcases LGBTQ+ artists and authors. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Boston Pride, the nonprofit organization that produces the annual parade, festival, and other events to celebrate Greater Boston’s LGBTQ+ community. Boston Pride’s mission is to “produceContinue reading “Arts and Pride”

Prison Arts Outreach

Continuing to highlight organizations that use the arts to advance social justice, we now feature a program at Boston College that serves incarcerated women. At Boston College, the Prison Arts Outreach program has joined arts and social justice since 2008. Associate Professor Crystal Tiala, a scenic designer in the Theater Department, created the program andContinue reading “Prison Arts Outreach”

Preparing “Wee the People”

This week we shine the spotlight on a Greater Boston organization to promote and amplify their work with youth at the intersection of arts and social justice. Wee The People (WTP) is a social justice project for kids, parents, and educators. Co-founded in 2015 by a pair of racial justice educators, artists, and mothers—Francie LatourContinue reading “Preparing “Wee the People””

Theater and Social Justice

“Theater is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theater can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.” Augusto Boal “One of the things that theater can do is provide narratives that bring us together. There’s something very cathartic about feeling that you’reContinue reading “Theater and Social Justice”

Where Art Meets Activism

In January, we shared data to demonstrate the positive impact that the arts have on federal, state, and local economies. The arts can also affect policy and social change in communities, and many artists actually use their work for political activism and to advance social justice—in efforts to ensure that all people are treated fairlyContinue reading “Where Art Meets Activism”

A Cultural Distict for Watertown?

Are you ready to help the arts flourish in Watertown? On Monday, January 25, at 9:00 a.m., the Watertown Business Coalition will host a Town Hall Meeting on Cultural Districts. During this Town Hall, discussion will center on why becoming a Cultural District is important for supporting the arts and the economy and for showcasingContinue reading “A Cultural Distict for Watertown?”

The Role of Cultural Districts

The arts have a positive impact on national and state economies, and they can benefit local economies as well. In some cities and towns, a specific geographic area may be designated as a cultural district. The area may include a high concentration of arts institutions, cultural organizations and programs, and other businesses. Cultural districts encourageContinue reading “The Role of Cultural Districts”

Arts and the Massachusetts Economy

Last week, Mass Cultural Council and the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development announced nearly $10 million in grant awards to arts organizations throughout Massachusetts as part of Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito’s Economic Recovery Plan. The Administration knows from economic impact studies conducted since March 2020 that nonprofit cultural organizations have reportedContinue reading “Arts and the Massachusetts Economy”

Why the Arts Recover Economies

When the global pandemic shuttered arts and culture organizations last March, over 5.1 million jobs were affected in the United States. All industries have been impacted, of course, but the arts—especially the performing arts—have been hit particularly hard. Since March, Americans for the Arts has been tracking the financial losses to surveyed nonprofit arts andContinue reading “Why the Arts Recover Economies”