Arts and Environment: Resources and Reading

In the past few weeks focusing on Arts and the Environment, we’ve learned of more articles and resources about the topic, and—if the topic interests you—we hope you’ve researched and learned more too. Several of the links below were suggested by Laurel Schwab, Senior Environmental Planner for the Town of Watertown. Laurel worked with theContinue reading “Arts and Environment: Resources and Reading”

Climate and Art

Sometimes, art can advocate for environmental causes and also be installed in the environment that it’s meant to protect. In 2013, Rising Waters (originally titled Rising Tides) was conceived by Newton, Massachusetts resident Susan Israel, an architect and artist. (The name change from Rising Tides was to include freshwater flooding in rivers and from rainfall.)Continue reading “Climate and Art”

Art in Nature: Armenia Tree Project

Art intersects with the environment in many ways. Art can draw attention to environmental causes, as it does with social justice causes. Art installations can become part of an environment or affect an environment. Some environmental artists work with natural materials or objects in the environment. And some artists’ work directly preserves the environment. YouContinue reading “Art in Nature: Armenia Tree Project”